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Hi fellow deviants! I'm Aqureshi1.

If your expecting art, I'm sorry. The only reason I joined Devianart is to help my friends. Pokelyokohearts213 (Amazing friend btw!) and xRavenBlood (A wonderful person). I'm a huge fan of all things anime.

Soul Eater is my current obsession, and one of my current fanfics. Located here!…

Please check it out! Anyway i think that's all for now. See you later!
Oh. My. God. I think I've fainted. 

What the fruitcake did i just write? Sigh, while i don't know what it is...i still like it! So i hope everyone can take the time to read it. 

Especially since i worked my butt off making it. Stare 

Oneshot: Of Glass and Hellfire

Enjoy! Soul La 


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(Rin's POV)

    I'm running. Running after a girl i don't know. Her back was clad in a black jacket covered in stars, coattails fluttering like flock of birds. Long black hair in two parallel clumps (pigtails?) whirled behind her. Temptingly out of reach. I yelled a name i didn't know. And just kept running. Still she didn't stop. In fact, i think she just ran faster. Great, good to know i'm still not good with girls. 18 and never been kissed. I still chased her though. Why? I don't know. I just knew one thing.

I couldn't let her go.

    But of course, i did. We ran and ran.  And eventually she just turned into this beautiful white bird and left me on the ground. I reached up. I tried to beg her to take me with her, but she didn't hear me. She was flying. Higher than the clouds. Higher than the sun. Higher than God. I wanted to cry, but at the same time i wanted to cheer her on. She left me. She left me here, on the ground. But look at her! She's beautiful! She's flying! She's happy!

And who am i to get in the way of that?

    But maybe it would've been better if i had gotten in her way. Maybe it would've been better of i gabbed her and never let her go. Ya know why? Because she fell. She fell to the ground with such pain, such fury...i didn't even need to check.

She died.

    Then i woke up. Not in my bed. Oh no, my mind, both demon and human, had something else planned for me. I woke up laying down in a flower field. Much more beautiful and fuller than any of Shiemi's. Even though the field only had one type of flower. A strange flower i've never seen before except in this dream. It was a funnel lily-ish shape, the part of the petals on the outside were black while the parts inside were this insanely bright blue. All on top a thin, coal-black stem. Geez.

How times do i have this dream?

    How many times do i have to see that girl die? How many times do i have to feel that i-could've-done-something! feeling? How many time do i have to see these stupid flowers? I look up from said flowers. Well, at least the stars where different. And they were. Who knew stars could be so many different colors and sizes? Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, and Red little and huge dots littered the sky, ribbons of stardust in the same sort of colors danced between them. It was always different every time i have this dream. I could've stared at this sky for hours and still find something new. Suddenly my skin prickles. Shocked, i look around to see what might've caused it. Only to come face-to-face with the scariest Demon i've ever seen.

And coming from the guy who faced the Devil himself, that's sayin' a lot.

    It was huge, 8 feet tall at least, and darker, blacker than anything i've ever seen. It looked like some sort of dragon. It's tall, smooth horns above it's ears only added to the Demon's height. The horns curved behind its head only to curl up at the end as if ready to impale me. With a bunch of little spikes or quills covering the back of its head. The head holding those horns was triangular, almost like a cat's. The neck supporting that head was thin, short, but muscular. Though i couldn't see it's teeth, i didn't want to take my chances and have my head bitten off. But those claws could definitely kill. Short, sharp, and black. It's arms and legs were actually pretty long and thin, but i could see the muscles rippling. The rest of the body was skinny, but strong. Its tail and eyes were….

weirdly similar to mine.

    The tail was long and whip-like, but still looked like it could snap me like a toothpick. The eyes were bright blue and slated like mine. But at least the Demon's eyes looked more like a reptile's. While it's wings were like a bat's, with sharp horns at the points. The wings were longer than the Demon's actual body. And the weirdest part? It didn't have scales or anything like that. It was covered in soft black fur. So here this gigantic Demon was. Taller than a tank and wider than train. Not to mention scary as hell. This never happened. I've never seen this Demon before in my dreams. But in a strange, vague way...

I feel like i know this Demon.

    The Demon moved toward me. Moving lightly, gracefully for something so huge. When it came within a yard of me, i was seriously attempting not to piss my pants. I tried to stand without shacking, as it bent it's great neck so we could see eye to eye. What i saw in the Demon's eyes shocked me. I saw sadness. A deep, guilty sadness. The kind of sadness that comes from not protecting the ones closest to you. The worst possible sadness.

I should know. 

" You have grown." My eyes widened as i fell back on my butt in shock. Holy sh*t! T-This Demon was talking! Not the little demon-speak Kuro talks in, but actual full-fledged English! Moving its mouth and everything! I just looked up, gaping like a fish. What?!

" You have become much stronger Young Master." I got a really good look at the demons teeth when he spoke. Yeah, not pissing this guy off any time soon. The Demon's voice was deep, but not that much deeper from mine. It….sounded a lot….like me to.

" W-Who are you?" I stutter, staring at the giant-a*s Demon. The Demon sighed, as if the question saddened him.

" I'm that little voice in your head whenever you draw your sword Young Master." He said quietly, purposefully. My eyes widened as i scrambled to get up.

" What?! You mean you're the one wh-"

" Who tells you how to fight, yes. That is me." The Demon said nodding nobly. I couldn't believe it. This huge, scary Demon saved me. Not once, but every time i use Kurikara. What? You guys actually thought i knew how to use a sword from the start? All i did was follow the one voice in the farthest reaches of my mind. That voice, this Demon is the only reason i'm alive now. 

" Thank you." And i meant it. I owe this Demon so much. I don't know ho-The Demon's eyes turn cold.

" I did not do it for you Young Master. I did it for my Queen." Okay, now i'm confused. But before i can ask the Demon what he means by 'Queen', he turns and begins to walk away. Tail whipping behind him like a flag. In my dream! That's it. Definitely no more frozen pizza before bed. I chase after him, but he's always a half-mile ahead of me. 

" Hey! Hey wait! Who's your Queen?" I shout, hoping my voice carries up to that tall head. The Demon looks over his shoulder, or over his great wings i should say, hardly turning his head, so the image of one bright, burning blue eye burns though my mind.

" My Queen is a woman whose sadness and beauty knows no equal. Remember that Young Master." 

" Wait! What do i call you?! Hey!"

" You will call me what my Queen did. For that is the only name i have. You will call me Night."

Then i woke up.

For real this time.

(Yukio's POV)

    I simply stare at the small girl in the hospital bed. Sleeping on her side, with long black eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings on her smooth, white cheeks. I watch as her relaxed breathing kept stirring a small strand of hair in front of her face. I, once again, remind myself to thank Dr. Myra for retying this girl's pigtails. Still, the second i mentioned this girl's breathing…my eyes were caught by her lips.


    I was right in guessing that they'd be a lovely shade of pink. The color of pink roses to be exact. A lovely, tempting shade really. God, is every girl like this when they sleep? As tempting and innocently seductive as the girl sleeping before me? God. Then, mercifully, Dr. Myra pulled back the wall of curtains that separated us from the rest of the private room.


    Allow me to shed a little light on the situation. After this girl collapsed against that tree in Russia, i……well….i couldn't bring myself to kill her. So what do i do? I break every Exorcist rule in the book and take the Demon with me. She was surprisingly light. Then, under the guise that she was wounded by a Demon, i brought her here to the only Exorcist doctor i knew i could trust. Dr. Juana Myra.

" She's still sleeping?" Dr. Myra asked as she walked over to the girl, checking her vitals and such. I sigh and rub my face tiredly. Imagine being a hormonal teenage boy and having a beautiful girl in front of you all night long, destroying the very edges of your sanity. God. No wonder i'm so tired. 

" Yes, but i thought you said she was supposed to wake up hours ago?" I ask, glancing at Dr. Myra. She looks as tired and cheerful as ever though. Especially considering how early in the morning it was. Purple hair in a messy bun, white lab coat, tight black shirt, beige pencil skirt, black flats, tiny gold cross around her neck, an overfilled clipboard in her arms, warm red-brown eyes with bags underneath them, and worn out makeup. She looked awful, but still held a positive smile. She's also True Cross Academy's most beloved nurse durning school hours. But after school, during Cram School hours, she's one of the best Exorcist Doctors out there. I learned everything i knew from her. 

" Uh-huh. But a tiny girl like her shouldn't be able to take that many hits," she murmured, looking over the papers on her clipboard again. I could feel her bandages, the ones covering the wounds I caused, glaring at me. My worry must've shown clearly on my face because Dr. Myra smiled. A youthful, teasing glint in her eye. " Ya know, you could just give the beautiful princess a kiss, and see if she wakes up Yuki."

I choked on my own spit.

" Doctor!" I cry out, not sure if its in outrage over the nickname or embarrassment over the thought of kissing the beautiful sleeping girl. Dr. Myra laughs, a happy, motherly laugh. While i precede to look at everything except the girl sleeping before me, Dr. Myra lightly sits on the bed and turns the girl toward her. Now laying on her back, the girl's dark hair spills everywhere like black ink.

" C'mon Yuki!"

" No."

" Yuki!"

" No!"

" You know you want to!"

" No!"

" Pretty please!"

" No!"

" Do you think she's pretty at least?"

" Yes!" A silence overtakes us, as i fully realize what the heck i just said. Gaping like a fish and stuttering like an idiot, i try to come up with an excuse. But Dr. Myra just sits there and laughs, a fox-like smile on her face. However, the smile is soon wiped off her face as her eyebrows furrow. She reaches out and touches the girl's cheek. I stop acting like a fool and watch Dr. Myra focus on the girl's face. It annoyed me a little, how she was touching the girl so freely.

" Yukio, take her to Mephisto." Mr. Myra orders, letting go of the girl's cheek and standing up. My eyes widen. One word echoes throughout my mind at the mere thought of putting this tiny girl close to that Demon King. 


" No." I say, clearly repeating what was in my head. Dr. Myra locks me in a stern gaze.

" Yukio Okumura! If what you told me is true and his girl is a Demon with Satan's flames, then Mephisto is the only one who can help her now." 

" But-"

" No buts! Her life is far more important than any issue you may have with Mephisto." The steely look in her eyes told me i wasn't going to win the argument. No matter what. I hung my head in defeat and stand.

" Are you going to take a stretcher or a wheelchair?" 

" A wheelchair would be more helpful." Dr. Myra nods and precedes to exit the private room. But not before literally throwing one last comment over her shoulder.

" Just keep it PG until i get back Yuki!" For the second time that day...i choke on my own spit.


" Hey you never told me...what...what do you...want to be when you grow...up?" Who are you? Why are you laying, bloody in my arms? My younger self's arms? Why does my heart tear itself to pieces at the sight of you? You, the man with the blurry face? You, the tall man in black and white stripes? You, the man who used his last ounce of strength to bring his lips to mine? 

Only to die before kissing me?

" You are my Queen! Act like it! Give me the order! And i will break you away from him." Suddenly, i want to cry. I want to cry so badly. Fire burns in my throat as i remember you. The most vague, cherished creature of my past. I want to reach out and embrace you! I want to cry with you! Why?! Why can't i reach you?! Don't you remember?! Our past? You, the man in stripes, and i?! We were 'happy,' weren't we? Weren't we? Or am i wrong? Is that why you left me? Oh why must this be so complicated? I only wish for someone to dry these tears! These tears that burn inside me like poison! You've always done that. You've always dried my tears.

Haven't you?

    I open my eyes. Darkness greets me. Cold, cruel, familiar darkness. I can't see. I'm blind. I could feel a cold, thick bar against my shoulder, supporting me. Supporting my weak body. Oh no. Please don't tell me i'm in that cage again! I shiver. In both cold and fear. The cold piercing my bare skin like needles, and fear pushing those needles deeper inside. My hair, untied and long, sprawled all over my scantily, thinly dressed body. Which should've provided some warmth. Yeah, 'should've'. My bare legs were numb, nearly frozen together with the floor. Why am i so humiliatingly dressed? Why are there light weights all over my body? I move slightly.


    Chains. Oh no. No. No. No. No. No. No. I try to move more, but my body is numb, frozen with cold. I can't move. Oh what have i done to be damned in this cage? I can't even breathe out. How can you, when your very lungs are frozen? I want to cry. Yet i can't. I can't! Even my tears are frozen. My mind spins around. Twirling and whirling like the great ballgowns locked in my memory. Around and around me. Suffocating me. Someone. Anyone. Help me. Please. As i turn to ice, once again, and stare into my blind name leaves my lips. Not painfully like a plea or scream. But a sigh. Like the gentle call of a lover. One name leaves my lips.

" Night."

(Mephisto's POV)





    I dig my claws into my chair. What the heck is that....that scent? Rosemary, mint, and something heavenly. the.....scent of a....a....a Demoness? And a beautiful one at that! How'd one even cross over?! Oh no. I covered my mouth with a hot hand. Trying to steady my breathing. But no matter what i did, that scent still intoxicated me. I could feel my teeth sharpen to their own accord. My claws grew and sunk into my chair and face. Splinters and drops of blood quickly appeared. Water pooled in my mouth. Oh! That scent!

That scent! 

    I attempt to rise from my desk, but that damn scent left me weak. I only succeeded in collapsing next to my desk, nearly knocking a tea table over in the process. Dammit! What is this? I'm the Demon King of Time and Space for goodness sake! I'm not going to go all weak just because a little Demon wench is in Assaih! Sucking in a deep breath, i force my body to move until i stood, supported by my desk. I quickly let my breath out. I trembled slightly as i realized the scent was getting stronger, closer.

But i'll be damned if i'll let a Demoness make a fool of me.

    So i relax. Letting my teeth sharpen. Letting my claws grow. Letting water pool in my mouth. But once this Demon inside a human realized that there was no Demoness ready before it, the Demon, Demon King of Time and Space, quickly let the human appearance take over. I sighed in relief. That horribly wonderful scent was still getting closer, but at least i'd look human when the scent's owner comes.....jeez. Has it really been that long? Since i've smelled a Demoness? Let's just hope Amaimon doesn't get a hold of her. If he did...then...well....i'd have to clean up a whole lot of blood, and not to mention deal with rape. But if that's the case...

Would it really be better if i got a hold of her?

    And lets not forget Rin and Yukio! Yukio might not have problems at first, but a Demoness, with this kind of seductive scent, will give him Hell eventually. He'll probably become quite possessive, while still maintaining his humanity, and that leads to all sorts of things doesn't it? And Rin! Oh my! Rin will be the most fun to watch! He'll be torn in two. The instinct of his Demon blood, or his drive towards his humanity? This Demoness could be the one who will finally force him to cho-


    Huh, well speak of the Devil him-or should i say her-self! I quickly take a seat behind my desk. I call for the visitor to enter.

And promptly proceed to get hit by a truck.

Well f*ck....

(Yukio's POV) 

Don't misunderstand.

    I don't hate Mephisto. Rather, i hate the fact i can never tell what he's thinking. Not to mention his tendency to mess with people's lives as if their pieces on a chessboard. So technically, i don't really hate him.
    But seeing him eye the tiny, sleeping girl on the wheelchair i rolled into his office……..honestly? Pissed me off. I guide the wheelchair next to the loveseat in front of his desk. I, however, neither moved the girl nor left her side. Mephisto eyed the girl the same way a hungry wolf eyes a baby lamb. Again, it pissed me off to no end. I understand she's lovely-espeacally in the short, white hospital-provided nightgown-, but it doesn't excuse that sort of look. Wanting to get this over with as soon as possible, i clear my throat loudly. Mephisto blinks and shakes his head slightly. Then proceeds to turn toward me, his all-to-familiar smirk on his face. A sickening feeling quickly takes hold of my gut.

" And to what do i owe this pleasure Okumura-sensei?" He asks, as if he didn't know himself. I step between the girl and Mephisto. Stop looking at her. 

" I need your help Directior-san." I murmur, not quite meeting his eyes. Mephisto's smirk only grew.

" I'm sorry Okumura-sensei, i didn't catch that." Mephisto mused, clearly meaning the opposite. But for the sake of this girl, i had to be polite and resist the urge to throttle him. 

" Director-san, i need you're help." I announce, louder. Mephisto's smirk immediately brightened.

" Well why didn't you say so in the first place?" I wanted to throttle him so badly then. " What do you need Mr. Teacher?" 

" This girl ne-"

" What girl? I don't see any girl." He interrupted, suddenly smirk-less and innocent. My blood boiled then. Still, for this girl's sake, i stress my already thin patience, but not before letting out a tired sigh. Regretfully, i step away from the girl. Giving Mephisto a clear view of her. Suddenly there's a sort period of silence.

" Still can't see her Mr. Teacher." That little!            

(Mephisto's POV)

Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap.

Who would've thought? Who would've thought that that seductive scent belonged to her? Ivory skin. Thin arms. Strong, slender legs. Butterfly eyelashes. Long, uneven onyx hair. Who would've thought i would actually get to see her of all Demons?! 

The Bloody Bird.

The Damned Demoness.

The Bride of Satan.

    Who was she? Who was she you ask? This girl is the most valuable Demon in existence. Unbeknownst to Exorcists of course. Anyway, this little girl came into Gahennian rumors roughly 7 years ago. The rumors stated that this girl was kept for the sole purpose of living with Satan. Therefore, she was kept under maximum lock, key, and 12 Royal Knights. Not to mention constant monitoring. Again, they were only rumors. Mere mixtures of lies, speculation, and truth. However, even Satan himself couldn't completely hide his prize.
    4 times a year, at the climax of every season, the Rex Festivals are held. The main event of each festival is a grand ball called Infernale Sit Amet (hellish dance), during which Satan himself has to throw open the doors of his castle, Arce Lux (castle light), to all of Gahenna. Then and only then is the Bride of Satan allowed to wander. Where she was.......noticed. So much so that Satan punished anyone who came too close to the girl. So much so that he publicly abused her for all of Gahenna to see. Again............most of this information is made up of millions of rumors. But here she is.

The so-called 'rumor.'

" Could you set her down on the loveseat?" I ask, easily hiding my thoughts. Yukio stared at me like i just asked him to sing " I'm a Barbie Girl" at the top of his lungs in the school court yard. As is carrying the girl to the couch was that insane.

" What?" He questioned, while still looking like an idiot, i might add. I repeat the request. And, to my surprise, Yukio blushes bright pink. Pink! Oh my, my, my! I eye the girl with even more interest.

This'll be fun.

(Yukio's POV)

I never wanted to kill a Demon King more in my life.

    I mean, sure i carried her out of Russia. But she was unconscious, bleeding, and it only took a key to get from there to Dr. Myra. So that make quite the difference. The girl i saw last night.........she doesn't seems like the type of person who'd like to be carried. Oh no. She stood too proud to be someone who would let another carry her. Plus......having her......sleeping in my arms........was the last thing i needed right now. Especially, considering these lewd thoughts swarming in my head. Still. If Mephisto could help her...i had to do it. 

"I'm waiting Mr. Teacher." Mephisto's voice caws, slapping me out of my thoughts. I bit my tongue. This is for her. This is for her. This is for her. This is for her. This is for her. This is for her. I chant that in my head like the many mantras i've memorized. I bend over her tiny figure, almost dwarfed in the large wheelchair. 

"Excuse me." I whisper, trying, and failing, not to notice how my breath stirred her bangs. I slowly reach out my hand toward her. Strange. She seemed so untouchable now. So far away. As if.....i could touch her, feel her, but never, ever reach her. My hand meets her shoulder, in a strange kiss of skin. Her's far, far softer than mine. I swallow. Mouth dry, with what.....i'm sure you all know. I slide my hand, my unworthy hand, further and lower. Down her back. Smooth contours and silky skin crashed onto my calloused hands like a tidal wave. She, her skin, felt cool. Like a window of glass. As if you could see paradise, but never reach it. Paradise. I swear. I swear it lies just behind her nightgown, just behind her bandages. 


    My hand rests on her lower back. Literally burning to go lower. I bit my tongue harder, not able to remember when i let it go. Steadily, i prop her forward. Our foreheads nearly touching. Our breaths entwining. Cool, even cooler than her skin, air ran leisurely around the space above my lips.

How very tempting. 

    Not looking away from her lips. So seductively out of my reach. My free left hand lowers to her knees. Her thin little knees. Which lead up to slender thighs. Thighs that could easily fit in my hands. Thighs that simply begged to be pulled apart and-


I stare at my hand in shock. Hovering, but still to close, to her thighs. What.....the.....hell? What's going on with me? This girl........what is she doing to me? 


Oh God.
There goes my heart again. It's just trying to kill me isn't it? I squeeze my eyes shut. Momentarily blocking out the.......scene in front of me. Breathe Yukio. Breathe, I chant. But still those......suggestive thoughts refused to leave me. Eventually one thought surfaces from the others.

Screw it.

    And just like that, i pick her up. As i said earlier, she's really light. Almost inhumanly so. Still.....she looked so normal. Slender and smooth like a porcelain doll. Only sharp in the right places like a doll to. Her skin was something to be admired as well. Pale like fallen snow. Soft like flower petals. Holding her back and knees, i carry her a few feet to Mephisto's strangely-colored purple couch. All while being surrounded in mint, rosemary, and something.............something utterly wonderful. 


    There goes the heart again! Biting back a pang of annoyance, I, ever so gently, set the tiny girl on the couch. Her willowy upper body propped up slightly by the loveseat's curve. I swallow. Though my throat stubborning remained dry. Was.......was this really her doing?


The girl's light moan filled the suddenly silent room.

(Mephisto's POV)

I want her.

    I want her right here, right now. Screaming, thrashing. Just under me! Forget that half-breed, just give me her! Oh, let me have that sound again. Again and again. Let me have it! Let me hear the Tiny Bird's voice again! Let me hear it. Let me have it.......

Screaming my name.

    A low, almost inaudible growl escapes me as my chair splinters once more. I eye the girl, practically burning the nightgown away with my eyes. Her scent choking my office. My tongue ran across dry lips. 

I want her so badly. 

"Mephisto..." My eyes snap to Yukio in surprise. He said my name with such informality and, i couldn't help but smirk, such malice. Like a wolf protecting it's kill.

Or it's Mate.

    Jealously and excitement flooded my veins. Oh my, my, my. Does this boy honestly think he's a match for me? Oh how hilarious! Alright. Alright. Think what you what boy, it'll be more fun that way. Especially if you're going to look that annoyed! I take a minute, smirk never wavering, to compose myself. Standing up, i walk towards the Demoness. Who now lies on her side, one pesky strap of her nightgown resting on her shoulder. Oh my. It'd be child's play to rip the whole gown off. And once it was......

Then the real fun would start.

    I loom over her. My shadow nearly covering her whole. The sight of it sent a jolt of excitement through me. Lovely. Very, very lovely.

"Such a pretty thing." I breathe, softly enough to be awed, but loud enough to piss Yukio off. Speaking of the little boy, i flick my eyes over to him. Only to find him trembling. In what.....i couldn't tell.

How strange.

"Mephisto, please, Dr. Myra said she should've woken up hours ago." He...i can't believe it.....begs. Eyes sincere and worried. I really tried to keep the surprise off my face. This little Demoness turned Yukio Okumura into this? I narrow my eyes at the girl. Ara, ara.

What a dangerous woman.

    I smirk, walking back to my desk. After sitting down, i gaze at Yukio. Trying to gauge his actions. Sadly, i didn't get anything. Nothing besides the worry he felt for the Demoness. Who i'm growing more and more interested in. 

"Sorry Mr. Teacher, but i can't guarantee that i'll be able to treat her in a gentlemanly fashion." I snicker, keeping my eyes on Yukio. Anger flashes in his eyes. The warning spark of a bomb.

"Mephisto, she isn't normal!" He shouts, oh my, little Yukio is just full of surprises today! I smirk, feigning confusion.

"What do you mean? She looks perfectly normal to me~" I purr, eyes flickering to the delicious little creature before me. But not before noticing just how hard Yukio was gritting his teeth. Silly boy. Never start fights you can't win. 

"She had flames! Blue flames! White flames!" He hissed, patience clearly wearing far too thin. Oh poo......i wanted to punish him a bit more. 

"Well that's perfectly normal. She is a Demoness after all."

Now it was his turn to get hit by a truck.

(Yukio's POV)

I felt like i just got hit with a truck.


    What? I never hear-i mean-there have been theories bu-how? I stare at the girl. Exorcists know all Demons can't be male, but.........females have never been proven. So why? Why?

Why is she one?

"Now don't faint on me boy. Sit down." Mephisto ordered, gesturing to a chair off to the right of the loveseat. I practically fall on it. My eyes glued on the girl. The tiny girl.

The Demon Girl.

"You look like a lost little lamb Sensei." Mephisto caws, highly amused. Until this very Exorcist has never once come in to contact with a female Demon. Demon. That world.......that one word that can sum up an existence......does it suit her? The image of her flashed through my head. Bleeding, panting at the foot of a tree. Drenched in rain. And sad.

Very sad.

"It doesn't suit her....."

"Hm? Oh sorry Sensei, i couldn-"

"It doesn't suit her!" I shout, staring even harder at the girl. A Demon couldn't be that sad. A Demon couldn't be that beautiful. A Demon just couldn't.
"Ah! I see," Mephisto nods, as if her figured out something great. "Well i guess i owe you an explanation Mr.Teacher."

"Can i hope for one?" I hiss at the Demon King. He's done nothing but irritate me and throw perverse glances at the girl the entire time i've been here! I wish i never listen to Dr. Myra.

"Testy, testy. And just for only get to ask 3 questions Sensei." Mephisto clicks his tongue and waves a finger hauntingly at me. It took all my willpower not to shoot him dead on the spot. But my curiosity won out over my bloodlust.

This round.

"Who is she?" I ask, not wanting to refer to her as 'the girl' anymore. Mephisto if its a hard question to answer.

"She......She is Demoness. A female Demon."

"I know tha-"

" Let me finish!" Mephisto snaps, eyes severe. After another period of silence, he continues.

"A female Demon heals much, much more slowly than a male Demon. But when they heal, no scars mar their skin. Female Demons are also far faster and agile than male Demons." I felt sick when he mentioned how slowly Demonesses heal. My brain even tried to console me. Saying that when she did heal, there would be no proof. Stupid brain.

"But in terms of names........i've heard about a wandering, pale skinned Demoness. One that goes by the name 'Black Rock Shooter'." My brows furrowed. That's her name? I.....expected something.....different. Mephisto chuckles, his gaze on the girl no longer perverse. But........almost..............gentle. My gut twisted painfully.

"It actually means 'hope' in Gahennian. If read the right way, that is." Hope? Now that suited her. I glance at the sleeping gir-i mean Rock-san. That suited her very nicely.

"If read backwards......" Mephisto smirks, eyes growing lewd once more. "It means 'temptress'." 


"Wh-why does she have b-blue flames?!" I didn't mean to stutter, but i couldn't help but think of how that name suited her too.

"Blue flames? Hmmm. Then she's definitely Black Rock Shooter. answer your question. She has blue flames because she was a prisoner of Satan for a large period of her life." Mephisto stated normally. My blood ran cold. Prisoner of Satan? I had a sudden urge to hide Rock-san..........hide her away. 

Far away.

"Why? Why did Satan want her?" I croak though i don't know why. Heh......guess there's a lot of things i don't know now. Why my voice is failing me. Why this girl is affecting me so much. Why Mephisto knows so much. How she came here.Why she come here. What the hell was that demon we fought. Why? How? God.

I only have 3 questions damn it!

"And that wraps up you're third question!" Mephisto announced happily, clapping his hands as if in celebration. Before i could protest he answers me. Yellow eyes boring into mine like drills.

"For the same reason we all want her Sensei."


(Mephisto's POV)

This could be fun.

Honestly! I tap my claws rhythmically against by desk after Yukio practically kidnapped Rock-chan away from me. Anyway, just think about it. Having a Demoness close has its...........privileges. Especially a Demoness as infamous as her. Satan was probably losing his mind looking for the Tiny Bird. Which meant she could be a good bargaining chip. Her pretty little face for my freedom. A ransom, my freedom or the girl. Or.....................the image of her screaming my name and rocking underneath me fills my head..............and louder, rougher growl escapes me.

She could be a wonderful little plaything. 

    Yes....that's it. I'll just claim her for myself. No other male will have her. Mark her bloody and bruised till her body practically has my name on it. Goodness! I licked my dry lips. Having her skin laid bear in my hands. Eyes half-lidded, beckoning me. Thin ankles thrown over my shoulder. Soft skin hot under my tongue. And her open, wet mouth begging for*t. I snarl lightly as i look down.

I'll need a cold shower now.

Untitled Drawing by Aqureshi1

Demon Queen: Chapter 3- Cold Showers
Yeah.....i just put the Content thing to be safe. APH: Onion-UK 

Since i HAVE been told how pervy this is from my favorite Kohai. Onion Boy 6 

Anyway, i hope you all who CAN view this, like it. Gah! Mephisto's such a perv! 03 

And don't count on Chapter 4 coming anytime soon. I have a lot of commissions and practice planned ahead of me. So think of this chapter as something to much until I'm done with my mountain of work. Stress 

Love you guys! Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] 

I used to like dancing.

    Used to. As in, not anymore. And boy....does Haruka-chan nag me about it! She's right though. As long as I'm a member of STRISH, I'm gonna have to dance. Whether I like it or not. But no matter what Haruka-chan says, I don't like it. Not. One. Bit. Why? Why don't I like dancing anymore? Simple. Very, very simple.


    That girl. That one exotic girl. Whose skin was like cocoa. Whose legs looked as soft as silk, and were so long it took you hours just to check them out. Whose warm hair curled so stylishly, you couldn't believe it when you heard it was natural. Which it was. Heck. Every thing about that girl was so natural. But at the same beautifully inhuman. She stepped lightly, as if walking on flower petals. She spoke like I'd imagine a butterfly would. Bright, soft, happy, and proud all at the same time. Her eyes twinkled so bright, I'm positive the stars were jealous. And she was so shy. Strange. Especially for someone hoping to become an idol. 

But I'm saying too much. 

    I should tell you why this tiny girl is the reason I don't like dancing. Again, it's a very simple answer. She dances and I love her, but she loves Natsuki. There! That's it!

That's all!

    She shone brightest when he's around. She laughed the loudest when he's by her side. She glowed purest when he's next to her. Whereas.......with me.....she was just.....her. She didn't light up when she saw me, nor did she run to me with a problem. 

She always did that with Natsuki though. 

    Gomen! This isn't the way I wanted to introduce myself! I didn't mean to come off so angst-y. Jeez! I really should've paid more attention when Haruka was ranting off about 'proper introductions' huh? Still.

I feel what I feel.

"Syo-kuuuuuuuunnnnnnn!" Speak of the Devil herself. I turn toward the hallway on the right of me. I was on my way down the Main Hall for lunch. And as I turned....I saw her. Hair flying out behind her, as she ran over to me, clearly distressed. She looked like she just got hit with a tornado. Strands of brown hair flying out of her low pigtails. Eyes wide and worried. One of her lace stockings tugged lower than the other. Shoes unbuckled, nearly flying off her running feet. Shirt, vest, and bow haphazardly done. 

Sadly, her skirt was fine. 

"Dang it." Mutter under my breath. She stopped just shy of a few feet from me. Doubling over, she tried to catch her breath. What a slender back, I thought. Slowly, I leaned in closer. When suddenly she bolted upright. Hitting my chin with the back of her head.

It hurt like hell.

"Iya~n! That hurt Syo-kun! Are you alright?" She asked, looking at me sheepishly. Holding the back of her head. Her eyes, not quite hazel and not quite blue, peered at me apologetically. It was in these moments where I felt like dancing. She was worried about me. Not Natsuki. Me

"Yeah, are you okay Lucie-chan?" I ask, remembering how effortlessly her name flowed off my lips. Oh wait...I haven't even introduced her properly yet ether! Gomen! Allow me to introduce to you, Eloise Lucie Aubert. Very fancy name, I know. But it suits her all the same. Elle-chan flashes me a smile, a neat row of white teeth exposed. 

"Yup! I'm a lot tougher than I look Syo-kun!" Elle-chan assured, I smile in response, still I can't help but worry. Lucie-chan may be the best dancer I've ever seen, but she's such a clumsy little duckling off the dance floor. Yet another thing that draws me toward her. I suddenly remember her running towards me.

"Did you need something Elle-chan?" I ask, not missing the way her cheeks tint with pink at the nickname. I mentally sighed. Kawaii!

"Y-Yeah, I was wondering where Natsuki-kun is." She stuttered, blushing even redder when saying his name............Such a cruel, cruel woman isn't she? 

"I haven't seen him." I don't know when lying become so easy, but it did now. Especially with my vision flashing red. I swear.......this woman! 

"But i thought you h-"

"I said I don't know Eloise." I half hiss, half growl. Feeling a sliver of satisfaction as Lucie-chan flinched back. I hardly ever use her full first name. Without another word, I walk away. Part of me knew I was being rude, but another part of me didn't care. That uncaring part of me wondered why I loved her in the first place. Especially when she hurts me like this so often.

But then I remember the first time I saw her.


"Syo-kun! Did you hear about the new exchange student?" Haruka-chan asked eating her bento, with Otoya-kun gushing over her. Nothing out of the usual. Anyway.....this was the first time I heard about an exchange student.

"No. Where'd he come from?" I ask, my curiosity peaking. This might be fun. Hijirikawa-kun sighed, clearly annoyed with me. Jeez, I love you to Senpai!

"It's a she. Baka." Hijirikawa-kun corrected while looking at me. I puff out my cheeks. Well excuse me! Haruka-chan swallowed her food hurriedly, and tried to calm us down.

"Ne! Ne! It's alright! Anyway, I heard she transferred here from Spain! Or was it Mexico? Italy maybe....." Haruka-chan's eyebrows furrowed as she tried to remember. Everyone from STRISH just laughed in the garden. Haruka-chan was so clumsy! 

"A-Anno....c-could you help me? I-I'm trying to find the cafeteria....." That's when I heard it. That sweet little butterfly voice. That's when I saw her for the first time to. But not when I fell in love with her....

That happened when she fell for Natsuki.

    It was three or four weeks after Lucie-chan came. I saw her first performance. Her stage name, Odette, suited her more than I ever thought possible. She danced so gracefully.....i swear her feet never once touched the ground. And her voice! Oh her voice! I'd kill to sing with her! Her voice was bright, loud, and happy. The song and dance she chose for this performance showed off her strengths really well! Loca by Shakira.

Thank God for Shakira-san!

    Because of her, I saw a completely different side of Lucie-chan. One that shook her hips with the pride and coyness of a gypsy. One that threw her head back, messing up any hairdo she might've had. One that sung like there was nothing else she would want to do. One that moved like wild horse. Feral, free, and untamable. I fell in love then. She loved this. She loved singing such fun songs! She loved dancing so wildly! Just look at her face! She loved this.

And i loved her.

    But then Natsuki came. Singing her back up. Everyone was surprised, but happy. I was......I was just numb. She smiled at him so easily as he helped her. She was captivated with him. 

And so was he.

    Yes, it's true. Natsuki loves Lucie-chan. But I'll be damned if he loves her more than me! From then on, I always tried to pry Lucie-chan away. I tried to talk to her more. I tried to pay attention to her more. I tried to love her more. 

More than Natsuki.

-End of Flashback- 

"...o-kun! Syo-kun! Syo-kun!" I quickly snap out of my daze, as Haruka-chan poked my cheek with a pencil. Clearly annoyed. I whip my head back and forth.


"Clam down Syo-kun! It's only History class." Oh. History.....I relax. For a second there I thought we were kidnapped! Haha! It's just History. Good ole H-I tense up once more.

"HISTORY?!" I shout and shoot up from my chair, disrupting the class. Who were in the middle of going over yesterday's homework. Which I did not do...............everyone looks over at me and Haruka-chan. I laugh nervously as Haruka-chan tries to turn invisible. The teacher glares at me. Her scary glasses reflecting light when she pushed them further up her nose. 

"Kurusu-san! Glad to see you could join us! Care to answer question 52?" Demon Teacher-san hissed. Smacking her whip-slash-pointer thing on the blackboard. 



"Ugh. Why is Sensei so mean?!" I whine while walking to 9th period. Haruka-chan laughs nervously.

"Well you do space out in her class alo-"

"Syo! Haruka-chan!" My blood freezes as his voice echos through the hallway, calling us. The Devil reincarnated. Natsuki. Fate is such a bitch. I turned to look behind me. He ran toward us, waving a hand in the air. Smiling like an idiot. I tried not to growl as he stopped in front of us.

I'm mentally killing him right now.

"I finally caught up to you! Thank goodness." What's so good about it you litt-

"Hai! Anyway, did you need something Natsuki-kun?" Haruka-chan asked, not knowing how gory his imaginary death is getting. Poor, innocent little Haruka-chan. 

"Hai! I just wanted to remind you of a performance i'm helping out in!"

"Huh? What preformane?! No one told me anything! I'm supposed to be your composer! How could you-"

"Ne. Ne. Haruka-chan, it's alright!" 

"Hmph! Well...who is it with?" 

"Oh! That's the best part!" Natsuki smiled, clearly happy. I grit my teeth. Why that little! 

"I'm dancing a tango with Lucie-chan!".............

I punch him square on the jaw.

    Long story short, I was sent to the principal's office, given a warning, and left after Haruka-chan literally forced me off of Natsuki. Me? I didn't give a fuck. Once again, Natsuki was going to ride off into the sunset with Lucie-chan. 

And leave me choking on the dust.

    God! So that's why she wanted to know where he was! That woman! The image of her laughing happily after her performances flashed through my head. Like a dream I couldn't forget. I lean against the wall. I had no idea which hallway I was in, but I didn't care. Why? Why is it always like this? Is Natsuki always going to be the Prince? Am I always going to be the dragon, ogre, or whatever villain? I don't want to be. I.......I......I just want Lucie-chan to smile at me. With the same smile she gives Natsuki. I just want her to love me. Pressing my forehead against the cool, colorless wall, I feel my eyes sting. Damn it. I can't. Not now. Not here. I can't-

I cry. 


A spin.

A kick.

Another arch of her slender back.

    Ah.....the tango. A dance of love, of passion. And sometimes, a dance of hate. Like now for example. Lucie-chan twirled back into Natsuki's arms, hair flying in all sorts of directions. She whispered a soft "sorry" with soft lips, as her soft hair landed in his face as well. He smiled, probably liking the smell of the soft mocha strands. That smug jerk.

I wish I broke his nose.

    I glare at him, while pretending to be him. Ahem. Let me explain. Natsuki, that idiot magane, is practicing his dancing performance with Eli-chan. Who, luckily, didn't hear about my little 'scuffle'. In the private ballroom.......the only ballroom with a one way mirror. So here I am on one side, copying them and the instructor, and there they are on the other side. Not even realizing I'm right here with them. It killed me to let Natsuki dance the tango of all things with Lucie-chan. But believe it or not! I, Syo Kurusu, of STRISH....

have a plan.

"KYA!" My head snapped toward Lucie-chan as I saw Natsuki mess up on a lift. Lucie-chan! She was on her back in Natsuki's stupid arms. Causing her waist to be at his neck and her body slipping from his grasp. Her hands and legs sprawled around, unable to grasp anything. 


    I slam my hands down on my side of the mirror. Not that they noticed of course, everyone was to busy trying to stop that jerk from dropping Elle-chan. 

"Gomen! Gomen! Lucie-chan!" Natsuki rambled off like an idiot, as he attempted to set her down. Forget his nose! I should've broke his arms, damn it! Thankfully, the instructor got Lucie-chan down. Not that Natsuki was much help....I sigh. 

"Gomenei Elle-chan!" Natsuki apologized, bowing over and over. Eloise, kind, kind Eloise, waved her hands at the display.

"Ne! Ne! Natsuki-kun it's alright! You'll get it eventually!" Lucie-chan consoled, better than any angel in Heaven. Natsuki looked up at her. A cheesy, teary look on his face. Oh yeah………..definitely mentally killing him. 

"T-thank you Lucie-chan!" Baka Magane shouted, hugging her senseless. Lucie's face instantly flooded with 50 shades of red. She pushed him away like a total tsundere. Aw. Kawaii! Or that's at least what I thought until Natsuki's glasses fell off.

Oh f*ck.

"Ah! Elle-chan, you look lovely." Satsuki purred, bringing Elle-chan's knuckles to his lips. Forget blushing. Elle-chan looked like she was going to pass out. God damn that spilt personality! As if Nastsuki loving Lucie-chan wasn't enough, but Satsuki just had to join the party to!

"Nats-I mean-Satsuki-kun!" She squealed cutely. While I just pictured lowering Satsuki/Natsuki into a vat of acid. In a flash of clothes, Satsuki pulled Lucie-chan into a perfect tango position. Bodies far to close to be decent. Her waist cupped gently in his hands. Both of their legs sprawled out like the branches of a tree. Hands entwined above them. Her back gently arching against him, and his leaning into her. 

I quickly added laser sharks to the acid.


"Gah! I forgot my scarf! Wait here you two!" Lucie-chan cried as she ran off to her dressing room. Natuski laughed at the display. He was wearing a black suit with a red shirt underneath his jacket. A villainy mask next to him. Lucie on the other hand was wearing a cute little pink dress. Their routine was about an innocent girl, Eloise, being lured in by the evil, and stupid, Natsuki. Anyway, the second Elle-chan left I walked up top the door and locked it. Natsuki raised an eyebrow, not knowing the dastardly plan inside my head.


I got the duck tape.

    A few minutes later, I was the only one who came out of the dressing room. Dressed in a black suit with a red shirt underneath the jacket. A villainy mask on my face. I wonder what happened to Natsuki? Lucie-chan came running up to me, I held my breath.

"Natsuki-kun! There you are, c'mon we have to hurry!" A scarfed Elle-chan cried, tugging my arm toward the stage. I mentally praised God for making her so naive. We quickly took our positions on the stage. With me standing darkly in the back, and Lucie-chan kneeling in the light. The curtain parted. The audience hushed. I prayed for my muscles to remember how to move the right way. 

The music starts.

    I walk toward Lucie-chan. Purposefully. She sways her arms like a bird flapping its wings. Then I was above her. Slowly, gracefully she arched her neck to look at me. Thank God the masked covered my face. Lucie raised herself to me. We meet. The smell of her. The touch of her.

I love it all.

    I cupped Lucie's jaw lightly and made it so it looked like I was showing her a new, wonderful world around her. But my eyes never left her, or the wave of mocha tetresses down her scarf-clad back. I lightly run my hands along the heavenly bare expanse of her arms. Until out fingers fully, wholly entwine. Such soft hands. Such slender fingers. We move. Softly, totally wrapped up in each other. Lucie's eyes never left mine. Another thing I loved about her, when you dance with her she looks at you with such care, with such love.

You can't help but love her.

    I twirl her. Then follow Lucie's slender arm with my thicker one as we lunge toward the left. I twirl her back to me, a little more strongly than before. Our heads are now straight. Eyes drilling into each other. I stopped caring about Eloise finding out it was me under this mask. I stopped caring. She was dancing with me. Me. Not Natsuki. Me. Right here. Right now.

Nothing could change this dance.   

    Whether it was a dance of my love for Lucie. Whether it was a dance of my hate for Natsuki. This dance is mine. All mine. Lucie swings her left leg effortlessly from the empty right side of me to the empty left side of me. She then pulls that flowing, elegant leg up. I bent at the knees catching her own knee on my hips. I lift her in the air. Her smooth, slender back arching into my hand. Hair falling in an enchanting curtain. 

The music explodes.

    In a clash of my black and her pink, she twirls out of my arms. But I won't let her go so easily. I catch her by the armpits and twirl her around. Lucie's sprawled out legs curling beautifully. Around and around we spun. We break as Lucie twirls away from me. She gazes at me as if she's beginning to realize something. But I don't care. I was drunk off this dance. This one dance. I take her arms again, but our dance is no longer soft. It is sharp. Legs following each other like lovers' heartbeats. Wild, trusting, but still a slimmer of uncertainty. I dip her back. She arches, the arm not holding on to me, falling helplessly. I pull Eloise to me once more. The warm, light weight of her leg around my waist as we twirl. As if one, beautiful creature. She pulls her neck back, and the soft column beacons my lips, my mouth. But I restrain myself.

By the skin of my teeth.

    I press her back to me, the moment of contact still burning after. She leaves me, her back to me. I yank the scarf, the only thing covering her back, clean off. She filches and curls her back at the action. I tuck the scarf into my pocket.

For later.

    She whirls around to face me. Kicks her legs in air, as if to hit me. Still, I take her in my arms once more. The music intensifies. We kick our legs like whips. Eyes burning into each other's. The realizing look on her face was clearer now. Lucie's legs move even more wildly. I twirl her slightly as she kicks up her leg. Finishing to half-done twirl, I swing her around me By grading her small waist, picking her up, and throwing her from my left to my right behind me. Her legs calming a bit. We separate.

But only for a second.

    I grabbed her roughly around the waist, she turns away from me. Hair flying in front of her face seductively. I twirl her to the other side. She lets her leg fly out behind her. I twirl her back to the right. She grabs either side of my waist and I grab Lucie's slender wrists. 

Only to push her back.

    I pull to a sudden stop, her right hand falling out of my hand. We stand shoulder to shoulder for a mere millisecond. Then I pull her back to me. The intoxicating girl. We're face to face as we dip down. One of my legs behind me. One of her legs behind her. My hands on ether side of her face, but still she manages to look away. I fully take her in my arms and lift her. Her legs spread in both the front and back of her. Then I set her down. Lucie let her leg fly out before I lifted her once more. The leg that flew out curling up and the other right behind her. Around and around we spun. I pulled her higher and higher with every turn. In a flash her upper body was over my right shoulder, the back of her head on my chest and my left shoulder between her legs. Basically she was thrown across my shoulders. I straighten sightly, causing her to fall, but I caught Elosie by her leg and arm. She made a pose like a ballerina. I let go of her gently. Slowly I twirl her around, my arm supporting the back of her legs. Going lower and lower until she was back on the ground. Then I grab her her leg. But instead of arching like she was supposed to…..

she ripped off my mask.


Utter silence.

    From her. From the audience. Everything. Silent. But Luice's face was the only one I saw. Only one I wanted. My throat felt dry. Shame stabbed my heart. What have I done? I lied to her. I lied to her.

The girl I love.

"Syo…..kun?" Came Lucie-chan's horse question. She was sweating and panting so hard. She reached up a hand to touch my face. As if trying to see if I was really me. 

And not Natsuki.

"Syo-kun…….why? Ha………How?"

I kissed her.

Right on the mouth.

But the thing that really hit me was…….


Eloise Lucie Aubert kissed me back.  

Comm: The Deathly Dance of Love and Hate (UtaPri)
Laser sharks......BECAUSE I CAN!

Anyway, this is my FIRST commission. Requested by my amazing Senpai, AlphonseElricsWife! She's really cool, trust me. Though i have to apologize if this one-shot isn't really up to par! I've never seen
UtaPri. So i had to use the Wiki. Anyway here's a link to the tango Syo and Luice did! 

So you think you can dance? (Jasmine and Alan)

I tweaked a few thinkings for effect, but i hope my Senpai likes this! Heart 

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