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Demon Queen: Chapter 3- Cold Showers :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 3 9
Dr. Juana Myra by Aqureshi1 Dr. Juana Myra :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 0 0
Comm: The Deathly Dance of Love and Hate (UtaPri)
I used to like dancing.
    Used to. As in, not anymore. And boy....does Haruka-chan nag me about it! She's right though. As long as I'm a member of STRISH, I'm gonna have to dance. Whether I like it or not. But no matter what Haruka-chan says, I don't like it. Not. One. Bit. Why? Why don't I like dancing anymore? Simple. Very, very simple.
    That girl. That one exotic girl. Whose skin was like cocoa. Whose legs looked as soft as silk, and were so long it took you hours just to check them out. Whose warm hair curled so stylishly, you couldn't believe it when you heard it was natural. Which it was. Heck. Every thing about that girl was so natural. But at the same beautifully inhuman. She stepped lightly, as if walking on flower petals. She spoke like I'd imagine a butterfly would. Bright, soft, happy, and proud all at the same time. Her eyes twinkled so bright, I'm positive the s
:iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 2 14
Of Glass and Hellfire
Author's Note:

This is my very FIRST oneshot! And holy crap! It's....just.....WTF. Sigh. If you guys love me, read this and tell me what you think. Otherwise i'm gonna cry. And you do not wanna read what i write when i cry! This is in NO way related to the PLOT of 'Demon Queen'!!!!

Rin Okumura has never liked glass.
    Why? Because it's just so uselessly fragile. As a kid, he lost count of two things-how many glass objects he broke and how much broken glass he was blamed for. All it takes is one throw, one push, one little slip and.....all of a doesn't exist anymore. Rin knows glass has it's uses. Glass has helped younger brother see after all. But Rin can't forget that awful, horrific feeling of breaking glass. That feeling of destroying something to the point where it no longer exists. The eldest Okumura knows that he can go out of control sometimes, and it is because of those s
:iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 6 13
Mephisto, you creep! (Free Writing Com. info) by Aqureshi1 Mephisto, you creep! (Free Writing Com. info) :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 4 0
Demon Queen-Chapter 2: The storm inside us all
I walk.
    Clink. Clack. Clink. Clack. The sound of my heels was all to familiar to me. I pass mangled 'building' by mangled 'building.' I mustn't stare at them. I mustn't stare at them, for if i do......that will come. Visions of blurred faces. Soft black fur. Bright lights and green. White things and crosses. Stained glass and big, calloused hands. What is that? Why do i remember those hands? Why are those hands leaving mine empty? Why? My memory...why is it triggered by these 'buildings?' Did i use to have one of these 'buildings?' Did i always have those large, calloused hands in mine? It seems so. Did i always have this ache in my chest? It seems so. 
    Clink. Clack. Clink. Clack. The sound of my heels was all to familiar to me. I tread on checkerboard ground, a few wispy, silvery clouds block out the 'moon.' The gray sky nearly swallowing the dull sliver object. Its not the real mo
:iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 3 26
Thank You! by Aqureshi1 Thank You! :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 2 7 Ah, how our Tiny Bird's heart aches! by Aqureshi1 Ah, how our Tiny Bird's heart aches! :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 4 6
Demon Queen-Chapter 1: Pilot
(Azrael's POV) 
I watched.
    The Tiny Bird running home. Over my long absence her body had begun to mature, ever so slightly. Her legs were becoming much more slender. Her night-black hair, longer. Her face was losing its baby fat. Her lips seemed to get pinker and plumper by the hour. But many things still remained petite. She was still a child. 

Once upon a time, there was a Bird. The Bird was pure white and had a voice to match her lonely color. She was neither strong, nor big. In fact...she was fragile, tiny. 

" My King, thank you for finally choosing one of my offspring." I whisper to my King. As i look at his soon-to-be Queen. The girl suddenly stopped and whirled in the direction of my voice. But she couldn't see me, i was but an innocent bird to those twinkling eyes. I smirked internally. My King had the Bird completely entangled in his web. My King would finally achieve his d
:iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 4 25
Black Rock Shooter by Aqureshi1 Black Rock Shooter :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 4 7 Tiny Bird's 'friends' by Aqureshi1 Tiny Bird's 'friends' :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 12 0 Tiny Bird by Aqureshi1 Tiny Bird :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 6 0 Snow....again..... by Aqureshi1 Snow....again..... :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 3 0
Tiny Bird
Once upon a time, there was a Bird. The Bird was pure white and had a voice to match her lonely color. She was neither strong, nor big. In fact...she was fragile, tiny. 
But she was curious. 
She wanted to see colors.
So the Tiny Bird flew. She flew far and wide to see new worlds, to see new colors. And she did.
She met a wild Mouse, who showed her the Orange of Smiles. The Bird's wings were then ringed with the smiling color. 
But she was curious still.
The Bird and her friend bade each other farewell, and Tiny Bird flew off once more.
She met a Lioness. The Lioness was very crazy. She tried to hurt the Tiny Bird.
But the Tiny Bird knew that the Lioness was really, very sad. So the Tiny Bird kept visiting and treating the Lioness nicely. 
The Lioness didn't feel sad anymore.
So the Lioness showed the Tiny Bird the Pink of Sneezes. Then, after the Smiling Orange, Tiny Bird's wings were ringed with pink. Both the Lioness and the Bird were happy.
But the Tiny B
:iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 7 5
Jay White by Aqureshi1 Jay White :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 3 1 Selina 'Snow White' by Aqureshi1 Selina 'Snow White' :iconaqureshi1:Aqureshi1 4 15


Gruvia is canon. GrayLu is dead. Deal with it. by DA125 Gruvia is canon. GrayLu is dead. Deal with it. :iconda125:DA125 48 31 pleasure the spider part3 by VanRipper pleasure the spider part3 :iconvanripper:VanRipper 127 48 please come part1 by VanRipper please come part1 :iconvanripper:VanRipper 116 11 please come part2 by VanRipper please come part2 :iconvanripper:VanRipper 108 7 please come part3 by VanRipper please come part3 :iconvanripper:VanRipper 124 41 vriska tavros by Soda-Lime vriska tavros :iconsoda-lime:Soda-Lime 17 7 do as she say by VanRipper do as she say :iconvanripper:VanRipper 121 3 .: Lost and Found by Picolo-kun .: Lost and Found :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 4,663 105 Royal Affair by mizu-shimma Royal Affair :iconmizu-shimma:mizu-shimma 456 58 Heart's Desire by Karzahnii Heart's Desire :iconkarzahnii:Karzahnii 7,331 1,866 wewy:villain painting test by Brilcrist wewy:villain painting test :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 9,059 305 What if Gumball was an anime (Removed Scenes) by Mikeinel What if Gumball was an anime (Removed Scenes) :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 17,725 1,111
Mother's Song {Daddy!Levi x Mommy!Reader}
I wonder what you will look like?
Her eyes met her own reflection in the mirror and analyzed each feature she possessed. Subtle nose, curving hips, full lips...protruding belly.
It wasn't that much of a change to her small frame, but when she turned to the side...a small lump was noticeable.
At first, she was appalled because she thought she had been eating too much and gained some weight...but minutes ago, she took her very first pregnancy test which uncovered a new fear.
Pregnancy was something she did not even think about. After the wedding, Levi and herself decided to wait for children. After all, she was young and wanted to be alone with her husband before introducing children into the world.
But now, it was as if she had no choice. Of course she would love her baby even if she wasn't prepared but the matter was preparing itself. How would she go about telling Levi? What if he wasn't ready?
A gulp sounded from her throat and she slowly pulled her shirt back down. Even if sh
:iconkatsuhana:Katsuhana 331 147
Love the Way You Lie (Angry!Drunk!Levi x Reader)
Please listen to this  as you read!!
WARNING FOR COARSE LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE IN THE FORM OF ABUSE. If it bothers you, exit the story. You have been warned. 

On the first page of our story

The future seemed so bright
Then this thing turned out so evil
I don’t know why I’m still surprised
Even angels have their wicked schemes
And you take that to new extremes
But you’ll always be my hero
Even though you’ve lost your mind
    Levi sat alone on the sofa, the room getting darker with each minute that passed. He sat there, his steely eyes staring at the liquor bottle that he gripped in his pale hands. Three hours. But you still weren’t home. Levi knew he couldn’t deny the truth that ate away
:iconthe-elemental-writer:the-elemental-writer 369 105
Dark Waltz [Dancer!Levi x Abused!Reader]
( Please listen as you read!)
“Take my hand.”
“I don’t know if-”
“Just do it. You’ll be pissing away all that money.”
With an exasperated sigh, you relinquished your will to the instructor, his hand gently cupping yours. You heard the slow rhythm and the low melody swirling around you. Levi’s free hand rested softly on your shoulder blade as he urged you closer, pressing his body against yours. Pieces of your loose hair floated away from the frame of your face as his breaths warmed your cheeks.
His silvery eyes remained locked to yours, the piercing gaze refusing to release you.
And slowly he began the waltz. As the pace increased, your breath caught in your throat.
“You’ve memorized the steps,” he half murmured. “But, you’re still thinking too hard.”
The dance quickened as did your steps, yet you matched every accent of the music. With each rise and fall
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 341 101




Aqureshi1's Profile Picture
United States
Hi fellow deviants! I'm Aqureshi1.

If your expecting art, I'm sorry. The only reason I joined Devianart is to help my friends. Pokelyokohearts213 (Amazing friend btw!) and xRavenBlood (A wonderful person). I'm a huge fan of all things anime.

Soul Eater is my current obsession, and one of my current fanfics. Located here!…

Please check it out! Anyway i think that's all for now. See you later!
Oh. My. God. I think I've fainted. 

What the fruitcake did i just write? Sigh, while i don't know what it is...i still like it! So i hope everyone can take the time to read it. 

Especially since i worked my butt off making it. Stare 

Oneshot: Of Glass and Hellfire

Enjoy! Soul La 



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